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100 x i-Shape 33mm Snap Clips For Hair Extension

100 x i-Shape 33mm Snap Clips For Hair Extension

Price: $ 17.00
Item: 983
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100pcs High Quality i-Shaped Clips
With Silicone coating


  • Shape 33mm Snap Clips For Clips in Hair Extension & Wigs x 100 pcs
  • Please choose 1 color only :

  • 100pcs High Quality i-Shaped Hair Extension Clips with 100% silicone coating
  • Silicone coating provide extra durability, while the silicone helps prevent them from sliding out of place once attached to your hair.
  • They also protect your natural hair from damage and won't rust when you wash your hair piece.
  • Each clip has been individually tested and is guaranteed to snap open and shut.
  • The 3 holes on either side of each clip allow you to choose how securely you would like to sew the clips into your hair piece.
  • Size : 33mm x 16mm
  • Suitable for Human or Synthetic hair

  • Feature :
    Silicone Backing
    Strong and Durable
    6 Holes for Stitching
    Individually Tested
    100 Clips in a Pack

  • To Apply:
    Hold the inside of the clip against the base of your hair weft (called the track).
    Thread a needle through the top corner hole of the clip and through the stitching of the track.
    Circle over the base and rethread through the same hole 1 to 2 more times.
    Using the same line of thread, move to the hole on the opposite side of the clip and repeat the above steps.
    Loop the thread through on the last pierce, pull it until it is secure and then cut the thread with scissors